Hotmail Inbox? Steps To Use Hotmail Inbox

By | December 24, 2018

Hotmail are web-based email accounts that are usually free and are operated from a website. The hotmail account lets the user access his/her emails from anywhere in the world when a browser and an internet connection is available.

It means the user can’t read an old email or draft a new one when he is offline. Hotmail is one of the free web-based email accounts that allow the users to check their emails from anywhere in the world.

Hotmail Webmail Introduction:

Hotmail stunned absolutely everyone by providing the free web-based email services for the first time in the history. Hotmail allowed the users to check their emails no matter they are in the home or out of the town. But of course, any webmail user needs a browser and an internet connection to access his inbox. Otherwise, he cannot read or draft the emails.

Don’t forget that the traditional appearance of Hotmail has emerged with Microsoft Outlook. It means that opening the Hotmail account is the same thing as opening your Outlook account.

Hotmail Inbox? How To Use Hotmail Inbox:

Hotmail is free webmail as already discussed above in the article. Inbox is the place where all your received and sent emails are saved. If you have to draft a new email or read a previous one you need to go to the Inbox.

Now let’s check how you can view your Hotmail inbox:

  • Open the Hotmail website in your browser since Outlook and Hotmail are the same you will be directed to the Microsoft Outlook login page.
  • Write down the username and password details if you are not already logged in.
  • If you were not already signed in, then click “Next” after entering the email and password
  • Your account will be deleted when you do not log in to your Hotmail account within ten days of creating an account
  • Your account will be deleted when you do not log in to your Hotmail account in over 270 days
  • If your account is removed, you have to make a new one
  • You will be logged in to your Hotmail account as long as you have entered the correct passwords and email address.
  • Now you can click inbox to open the new or previous mails. You can draft new emails and attach files as well.

Click on the “New Mail” that is at the top of your Hotmail inbox. If still, you can’t find the new mail then use the “Sort by the date” option as it will open a new email for you to read.

What to do when you forget password?

Did you forget your password? No problem, as it a regular thing to forget your email account password. Hotmail provides you with the option to recover your password.

You can set your password by following the simple steps. It is recommended to save your password somewhere. Even if you forget you can quickly retrieve your Hotmail password.

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