Simple Steps To Customize Hotmail account & Hotmail inbox

By | December 24, 2018

Are you a frequent user of Hotmail? Despite its rough history, it is pretty good and surely gives other email accounts such as Gmail a run for its… well, I was about to say cash, but both are available for free which is, no doubt, quite impressive. You can do different things to make your Hotmail inbox more interesting and amazing.

How To Customizing The Hotmail Inbox?

Each folder ion your Hotmail account like Calendar and Inbox displays its items in a layout known as View. There are predefined views available from which you can choose the one you like, or you can also create a new custom view yourself.

It is composed of view fields, type, fonts, colors, and a lot of other settings, and provides the user with different ways to look at things in a folder. You can create a new view with an existing one, or you can also build a new one.

Types Of Views:

There are numerous types of views you can select when making a new view.

  • Timeline:

This type of view shows everything along with a fixed timeline. This one is helpful for missions or for folders that hold a small number of items spread out over a time period, for instance, a set of 20 mails for a particular project.

  • Table:

It shows all the information in columns and rows. For the email messages, this one is the most effective one.

  • Business Card:

Business card view is usually utilized for the contact folders. In this view, you just see fields that hold data.

  • Card:

For the contact folders, this is a typically utilized view. In this view, you will see various fields that apply to every item.

  • Day/Week/Month:

This one is typically used for the Calendar folders, but you can also utilize this view for email folders.

  • People:

A people view is for the contacts that do not show a similar level of detail you see from Business card or Card views. You will see a list of contacts with their picture and name.

  • Icon:

This one shows the items with a particular icon and their subject. It is helpful for notes folders and for folders with few items.

How To Create A View?

Sometimes, it is a lot simpler to begin with a new view instead of modifying an existing one. You can simply build a new view in any of the Outlook folders.

  • First, click on View then select Current View then click Change View. Now click on Manage Views and then New.
  • Now, type in a name that you want to give to your new view, and then select the type you want.
  • Now under the “Can be used on” field, tick the “All Mail and Post folders” or you can also select another option > click OK.
  • Now choose the options you like to use in the Advanced View Settings: New View dialog box > click OK.
  • If you want to use the new view immediately simply select Apply View.

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