Steps to send an attachment in Hotmail email

By | December 24, 2018

Are you trying to send an attachment file with your email using Hotmail account? Well, it’s not that difficult. You can simply attach files, pictures, contacts and many other things to the Hotmail messages.

There is one good thing about outlook accounts; they keep track of all the documents you have recently worked on no matter if you have stored them in OneDrive (it is cloud storage) or on your computer.

Hotmail also allows you to quickly select whether to upload it to OneDrive and share a link to your file or send the file as a traditional attachment.

Attaching A File To An Email message:

Whenever you decide to attach a file with your outlook message it always suggests the document files you have recently worked on.

  • In a reply, new or a forwarded message, choose Attach File from the Insert ribbon or the Message ribbon.
  • You can simply select the file you want to send from the locations: Browse Web Location, Recent Items, or Browse this PC.
  • If you have selected the document on group document library or your local system, a copy of that document will be attached to the message. Selecting a SharePoint or OneDrive file, however, comes with additional permission information and options.
  • If you send a copy or a link: sending links to SharePoint or OneDrive file tries to keep the size of the attachment very small so that it could be easy to transfer it. If you try to send a copy of the document, the whole document will be attached to the message, just like it’d be if you chose a document on your local system. If you decide to send a link to the document, you can also set different permissions on the document.
  • Everybody in your organization can be able to edit the linked document if you are in the business surroundings. To change such permissions, you can click on the down arrow that can be seen at the right of the attached file name to open a menu with different permission options.
  • If you choose “Organization Can Edit” option, anyone in that organization can modify the document. If you choose “Organization Can View” option, then the organization member will only be able to read the document. If you choose “Recipient Can Edit” option, the recipient will be the only one that can modify the document. If you choose “Recipient Can View” option, then the recipient of the email will only be able to read the document.
  • If Hotmail notices that the recipients of the email won’t be able to view the document, for instance, if you have stored it on a SharePoint site that is just accessible to you, you will receive a warning message under the document icon and name. To change the document attachment from a linked file to a copy one, you can select Attach as a copy.

Note: If you attach a document as a copy, any changes the receiver will make won’t be synced with the version of the document on SharePoint or in OneDrive.

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