Hotmail Explained Complete Email settings

By | December 24, 2018

Most of the people have love and hate relationship with electronic mail. It is allegedly our servant but wait a second we are often its servant. A lot of us also have a similar association with the email client.

Whether we try to get access to our messages using a web-based interface or we make use of a desktop email client, these tools can surely ease the load of email onslaught. In the business circles, the desktop email client is frequently the Microsoft Outlook also known as Hotmail.

Hotmail has improved significantly with each new version that has been introduced out there, and there is no doubt that you enjoy a lot of benefits using Hotmail. It is very simple to use, and also smarter. Hotmail also plays better with other program/software.

Hotmail Email Settings:

If you make use of Hotmail to send different emails, you can easily configure GroupMail to send the newsletters and other group mails using the Outlook Live SMTP email server. You can make use of the following Outlook email settings within GroupMail:

  • First of all add the user info, stating how you want to be identified to the recipients of your mails, your outlook address and the other email address where you desire reply emails to be sent. You can see all this in the FROM field of the emails. Make sure to leave the ORGANIZATION field empty. If you do enter something in that field, it’ll appear in brackets after the name.
  • Now enter your outlook server address ( > tick the box titled “Requires Authentication” > click on Setup. According to your requirements and internet connection, you can also set the number of delivery pauses and delivery connections.
  • Now in the next page, tick the “Use SMTP Authentication (Outbound)” box and as the default type, keep the AUTH LOGIN. Not in the below fields, enter your Outlook address and password correctly > click on OK. This action will take you to the Delivery Options Tab again.
  • Now you will have to click on the Advanced button. You can find this bottom at the bottom of the delivery options tab. Now change your SMTP port from 25 to 587 and tick the checkbox titled “Server Requires An SSL Connection.” This action will automatically change the POP3 port from 110 to 994. Now click on the option named “Use Custom Name” and in the next field set the domain as or The custom domain name depends on your email address; both should match > click OK.

That is all about it. If you follow the steps mentioned above properly, it will help you make changes easily, and you will not face any issues sending and receiving emails. So be sure to follow the steps properly.

Note: In the Delivery Options tab, make certain to click on OK button as it will save all the changes you have made. If you ever face any issues, you can simply go back and change the settings.

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