Steps To Change Hotmail Account Password

By | December 24, 2018

Free email service Hotmail launched by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in 1996 was the first web-based email service to the world. Now it is operated by the Microsoft Corporation as Microsoft purchased in 1997. Microsoft changed the user interface after the acquisition of Hotmail. It serves millions of users across the world and has gone through various changes over the last decade.

It is one of the leading webmail service providers because Hotmail is upgraded continuously. Hotmail provides a variety of options to its users. replaced the Hotmail service, but still Hotmail email addresses exist.

Features of Hotmail/Outlook:

Just to remind you Microsoft has acquired Hotmail and now it is called Outlook.  Microsoft has taken into account the continuous improvement in Gmail from Google and keeps adding the new features to provide the best possible webmail services to its users.

You have your Hotmail address then it will be powered by Outlook. Here are given some features offered by Hotmail:

  • Chat with Facebook buddies in Hotmail:

Microsoft is trying to integrate social networking features into its different services. The latest Windows Live Hotmail supports Facebook chat. However, initially it will be only available in the following counties:

  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • UK
  • France
  • USA

It will be provided in the other regions soon.

  • Video viewing from inside Hotmail:

Hotmail helped people view YouTube and Hulu videos within any email that has a link to the content on these two sites. Now the Hotmail users can see videos of two fantastic websites and Dailymotion as well. Well, that’s pretty cool!


  • Share photos more easily

It is needless to say that email is the most popular way to share pictures. But the attachment size has always been a problem while sharing photos via email. Now Hotmail has become the first webmail service that allows the users to send hundreds of large images. The users can send pictures up to 10 GB per email.

Another great feature that Hotmail is offering now is the subfolders. You can create folders inside folders so that you could manage your emails more precisely. With all these improved features Hotmail is serving its millions of users from all over the world.

Change Hotmail account password:

Here is how you can change your Hotmail account password:

  • Open your browser
  • Go to
  • Enter your Hotmail username and password in case you are not already signed in
  • Click “Next
  • Click “Send Code” if prompted to generate the security code
  • Then enter the code you received on your phone number or email
  • Write your current Hotmail password in the box given at the top of the window
  • Enter your new password
  • Confirm your new password
  • Click “Save” option

Now your Hotmail password has been changed. You have a choice here to change your password every 72 days. Click on that option if you are willing to change your Hotmail account password consistently.

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