Add Signature In Hotmail?

By | December 24, 2018

In the growing dominion of digital communication, Social Media is all we know about. In today’s world of never-ending connectivity, the email communication provides us with a greatest opportunity to connect constituents on a broad scale and low cost.

In simple words, the email is the most effective way of communication both professionally and personally. There are many webmail service providers out there, and one of the leading webmail services is Hotmail.

Since the Hotmail has been acquired by Microsoft, it is replaced by The users that have @Hotmail domain are directed to the same page as users when they log in.

Create a Signature in Hotmail:

Hotmail is a web-based email service that enables its users to access their email from anywhere in the world. The user can read the old emails and draft a new one when he logs in to his Hotmail account. But remember, the users can’t read or draft an email offline. It means without an internet connection you can’t sign in to your Hotmail account.

An email signature is a helpful thing to have when you compose an email. It provides the recipient of the email with all the information he may need to contact you in some other way. Fortunately, Hotmail is one the email providers that allow their users to create a personalized signature.

Here is how you can add an email signature in Hotmail:

  • Open browser
  • Login to your or
  • Go to the top right corner of the page and click “settings” icon
  • Select “Options
  • An expandable menu will appear under mail take your cursor on “layout.”
  • Then select “email signature.”
  • Paste your new email signature in the box
  • Click the boxes which say automatically include my signature replies, new messages and forwards.
  • Click the “save” option you will see at the top of the page
  • Then come back to the expandable menu in the left and select “message format.” Be sure you click “compose messages in the HTML format.”
  • Then click on compose a new email
  • See your signature in action

 How to create an effective signature?

If you run a business, then you probably send several emails a day. Well, email is an excellent opportunity to market your business, so it is better not to squander this opportunity with a limited email signature. Let’s check how you can create an effective signature:

  • Include your contact details in the email signature
  • Keep the use of colors simple
  • Limit your email signature to the five line of text
  • Insert live links to your business
  • To minimize lines use dividers
  • Insert social icon linking to social profiles
  • Use a font size readable on a small screen

The email signatures make it easy for people to reach you so don’t treat it as an afterthought.  Your email signature helps people find more about your business.


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