A Step By Step Guide For Hotmail Password Recovery

By | December 24, 2018

Hotmail is indeed one of the famous online email services available out there. It allows users to check their emails from the web browser no matter they are using their own PC or not. For those who don’t know the window’s live Hotmail service in the year, 2012 was renamed to Outlook.com. You can access it with the provided username and of course the password.

What is hotmail.com?

Difference between Hotmail and outlook:

The first web-based email service Hotmail was launched in the year 1996. The founder of Hotmail webmail Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia putting emphasize on the “HTML” spelled it HoTMaiL. Later in the year 1997, Microsoft acquired Hotmail and then in August 2012 revamped Hotmail.

The free accounts were offered to users when Hotmail was first launched. These accounts had features like enhanced virus scanning, spam filters, and 250 MB storage.

After Microsoft acquired Hotmail, the users were also given the feature to save contacts in the address book and a schedule calendar. Also, the user had an option to pay a fee in order to upgrade their account.

Today, The Outlook.com users get:

  • Virtually unlimited storage for free
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Built-in Search
  • Connection to Skype
  • Spam filtering
  • Mobile access

Hotmail Password Recovery On Desktop:

Here are the steps the user can follow to recover the Hotmail account password on his/her desktop:

  • Open browser
  • Go to the password reset page
  • At the top of the page, the user will find “I Forgot My Password” Option
  • Click “Next
  • Then enter “Hotmail email address.”
  • Now you have to enter the verification code
  • After that click “Next.”
  • Then the user has to select “account reset option.” (Choose either email or text. By choosing this, you will be able to receive verification code through email or on the phone)
  • Then enter your email or phone number
  • Click “Send Code
  • Retrieve the recovery code
  • Now enter your recovery code
  • Enter a “New Password
  • Click “NEXT” when prompted

Hotmail Password Recovery On Phone:

Here are the steps the user can follow to recover the Hotmail account password on the phone:

  • Open your outlook
  • Tap on “Get started” option
  • Enter your Hotmail email address
  • Click “add account.”
  • Then click “I forgot my password” option
  • Check I forgot my password box
  • Click “Next
  • Enter the verification code
  • Tap next
  • Then click on “Account recovery option” (choose either text or email)
  • After choosing text or email enter your phone number or email
  • Click “Send code.”
  • Retrieve the recovery code
  • Enter your recovery code
  • After that enter your “New password.”
  • Click “NEXT” when you are prompted

You are done!

It is quite regular to forget your password these days. The best part is you can recover it anytime whenever you forget your Hotmail account password.





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